Sustainable conservation objectives are required!

Forking Larkspur: herbicide

Forking Larkspur damaged by herbicide

Efforts to protect endangered arable species have been going on for almost 50 years.

Programmes for field margin strips in the 1980s were especially successful. However, they have almost ceased due to the high administrative effort involved and changing subsidy policies. Many field flora reserves within the former German Democratic Republic have not survived German reunification. Arable weed species are dependant on appropriate cultivation of the fields by farmers. Close cooperation with local farmers is therefore a central concern of this project. Based on the current problems, a call for new, sustainable conservation objectives has been put forward in the „Karlstadt position paper“ published in 2005.


Botanical excursion near Karlstadt, 2004

Botanical excursion during a conference on conservation of arable wild plats near Karlstadt (Bavaria), 2004

Participants Karlstadt 2004

Participants of the conference in Karlstadt (2004)